As a classicist, Stephen Haws believes that art should give viewers a higher vision of life and truth.  
Sculpting and painting came naturally to him as he watched his dad bring to life many sculptures and paintings.  He has an unquenchable desire to learn.  He graduated from Utah Valley University with his Bachelor of Science in Art, but he realized his true direction after he he began studying with Ryan Brown at the The Center for Academic Study and Naturalist Painting in 2011.  He realized that in his heart he was a Classicist, and wanted to portray figures with classicism in mind. His vision of beauty has been opened as he visited Rome and learned under the great masters during this studies at the Beaux Arts Academy.  His skills and knowledge of art has grown significantly there.  His work has been displayed in the Springville Art Museum, the Woodbury Art Museum, and the Desert News Online.  He sells paintings through an online art gallery and on Amazon Art.

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