The Beaux-Arts Academy is a four-year program dedicated to the highest standards of artistic excellence and the highest ideals of classicism. While progressing in their chosen emphasis, students will also learn each of the other sister arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, and architecture), experiencing classicism as the circumscribing aesthetic by which all disciplines and fields of study may be seen as one.  
The curriculum, designed to train the mind and the heart as well as the hand and the eye, is based in the same traditions and methods that have produced the most timeless masterpieces of history.  
Having both a practical and philosophical emphasis and employing techniques that target intellectual and intuitive faculties, students will be immersed in classical conventions of light and form, art history and criticism, precise craftsmanship and material expertise, expansive concepts and exacting creativity, human anatomy and canons of proportion, as well as tenets of ancient wisdom and sacred geometry, ultimately leading to multi-figurative and grand manner composition.
Ever building upon the three pillars of classical aesthetics, Truth, Beauty, and Virtue, students will become equipped to elevate contemporary culture and champion the highest in humanity.

Beaux-Arts Academy
 1082 East 930 South (Old State Street), Provo, Utah, USA
(801) 872-8329

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