Écorché/Artistic Anatomy Boot Camp

Stay tuned. We will be offering this again in Winter 2017!

This intensive class introduces the study of the powers and principles at play on the structural and superficial forms of the human figure. From studying surface morphology to muscular anatomy to skeletal structure, we learn that the deepest part of us is also that which is most universal. It is in this inner realm we begin to see the causes of the outer forms, and from this paradigm grows many familiar classical interpretations of the human body. This method also provides the best framework by which to  and construct the figure, enabling the classicist to be a figurative artist of imagination, not just of imitation.
This class is divided into two-parts: Wednesdays will be a lecture combined with drawing specific assigned anatomical forms. On Wednesdays, students will be working on their personal écorché sculpture where they will sculpt every bone and muscle. Students will be expected to complete anatomical drawings assigned as homework. An important part of the class will be an introduction to ideas of sacred geometry of the body, leading to not only an understanding of form and function but of the spirit and meaning of the human body. 
Every lecture, drawing, sculpting, and discussion is designed to give students a firm foundation in the visual and syntax of human morphology. Class is open to professionals, students, or youth. Space is limited to 12 students.

Time: Stay tuned! We will be offering this course again in Winter 2017!
Class Fee: 
To reserve your spot in the class, please email BeauxArtsAcademy@gmail.com
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